lunedì 22 gennaio 2018

Federico won Best of the Best award in Shenzhen

Judge's Comments:
A picture book salutes to the Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini. What is challenging is that the illustrations using Federicos childhood hero——Pinocchio as the character, bands his own growth story with his achievement in making films via a surrealistic way of storytelling. The illustrations are so full of expressiveness, combined with a little more mystical figure and color, bringing the readers into a magical world. It also gives the possibility of building a bridge between different forms of art.


Federico (Kite Edizioni 2014) won Best of the Best award at Little Hakka Internetional Picture book competition in Shenzhen, China.

The other selected illustrators are Catarina Sobral, João Vaz de Carvalho,Emily Hughes, Lili Huang and Ning Zhang.

More informations about the competition and the exhibition here:

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