sabato 30 maggio 2015

Where did Xiao Ye and His Father Go?

Pictures of the  the just published book Where did Xiao Ye& His Father Go? for the Chinese Publisher Daylight Publishing House.

Xiao Ye and his father left their village together leading a small donkey. Where did they go? They were the poorest and have borrowed food from every family in the village. They didn’t return even the grass has grown to their front door. But when they finally got back one night of the next year, there was no one in the village… 

Where did Xiao Ye& His Father Go?

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rough for the fire-dragon page

Differently from usual, the story, (that I liked very much)  wasn't mine but of the writer Cao Wenxuan, Hans Christian Andersen Award nominee, Peking University professor, and member of the Chinese Writers Association’s national committee.  

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